Menopause is more than just hot flushes, it is experienced differently by every woman. With symptoms ranging from none at all to a combination of those on the right and possibly more.


As the clinic’s main specialty, we have a separate newsletter and separate facebook page all designed to help women not only survive but thrive this stage of life.

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Allergies Fatigue Loss of libido
Anxiety Gum Issues Memory lapses
Bloating Hair loss Mood swings
Breast/Nipple pain Headaches Muscle Tension
Brittle Nails/ Hair Hot Flushes Night Sweats
Burning Tongue Incontinence Osteoporosis
Change in odour Irregular Heartbeat Panic Disorders
Depression Irregular periods Sleep Disorders
Difficult concentration Irritability Tingling Extremities
Digestive Issues Itchy Skin Vaginal dryness
Dizziness joint pain Weight gain